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No Apologies for Turkey Leftovers


Turkey Supreme


What does one do after all the turkey sandwiches have been enjoyed-- cold and open-face with hot gravy -- AND there is still half a bird in the fridge? About thirty five years ago a small and easy recipe appeared in the New York Daily News. Simply called 'Turkey Supreme', my Mom tired it and it instantly became a family favorite. It is such a good meal that she'd often buy turkey slices at the local deli and make the stuff 'off-season'.

(Pictured below: Harry preparing recipe on the Schenectady Today show December 27, 2006 with his daughter Veronica by his side.)

I've never seen the recipe again in printed form. My Mom saved it, but it was probably lost in the mid 1980's. She remembered the basics and taught me. My rendition appears here. All credit goes to that long-forgotten food editor at the Daily News.

Now understand: This is a 'pinch of this, and a pinch of that' style recipe. No quantities are exact. I will explain thoroughly as we progress through the recipe.



2 lbs. (+/-) cooked turkey leftovers. Light meat or dark meat, cubed/shredded/diced.

1 Stick of Butter

Marjoram (the spice, naturally)

Crushed Black Pepper

One large Green Pepper CHOPPED


Chicken Broth (One Can)

Mushrooms (Fresh preferred) SLICED

Heavy Cream

White Cooking Wine (optional)


Strip down your turkey carcass making sure to save the nicest slices for sandwiches. Neatness does not count for our recipe needs. You can rip it, chop it, dice it -- whatever gets it into nice, mouth-manageable pieces. Light meat, dark meat, who cares? Just avoid tossing cartilage and bone fragments into the mix -- this has to be an easy to eat item!



Chop the green pepper into very small pieces (not minced though.) In your large pot begin by melting the butter. As soon as you have enough butter in the bottom of the pot to prevent burning, toss in the chopped pepper. Add about a half teaspoon of marjoram at this point. Cook (stirring all the while) until the peppers are beginning to get tender. (You don't want mush.)



Add flour. You want to make a roux with the butter, so you don't want to add too little. Too much isn't good either! Please see the second picture for proper consistency.



When your butter/pepper/flour mixture looks like this, the hard part is done!






Add one can of chicken stock (this will cook with the roux and make a delightful light sauce.) When you've got the stock stirred in, dump in the turkey. It'll look like this (photo left.)






Take a package of mushrooms and wash them. Slice into nice fat slices.







Add to the mixture. You're only going to be cooking for a few more minutes now. Fresh mushrooms shrink as they cook.








Add cream at this point. You want to add a touch of thickness, not drown the stuff. Add black pepper (to taste) and it should all look like this. (Photo left.) Do not let the stuff boil -- it'll do funky things to the cream. Make sure it is stirred and warm through and through.



Okay. The mix is done. You can add a touch of white cooking wine, but it is not necessary. How to serve Turkey Supreme? The original recipe called for toast. This is awesome. I have also served Turkey Supreme over rice or egg noodles. I love the rice. However you eat it, you will enjoy!



As the holiday season has now arrived, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the joy, peace and love that this season offers.

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Misquamicut Beach Rhode Island -- a quiet little hideaway by the Sea!


See photographic evidence.



NEW! The History of the Classic Guitar from Lute to the 21st Century (New article on Vicente Arias has been added)


Some Arcane Tips for the Guitarist who wants to Play the Lute


Harry Pellegrin's Much-Visited Guitar Page Feature!


Covering a variety of topics and regularly updated, this feature is designed to help musicians of all levels achieve a higher level of professionalism.

Low End

By Harry G. Pellegrin

Published by Bedside Books

332 pages $22 Trade paperback

'Low End' is a mystery that Harry Pellegrin's protagonist Gary Morrissey solves between 1988 and 1989. It is similar to other mystery crime noir characters written in the first person, like Robert B. Parker's Spencer, Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and Lawrence Block's Mathew Scudder.

Pellegrin sets the story in the late '80s New York City rock 'n'roll scene with believability. His knowledge of blues and rock is undisputed. He mentions the late great guitarist Rory Gallagher, who was not only one of the world's greatest guitarists, but also a fan of detective and crime fiction.

The novel begins with a cleverly paced prologue describing the murder of Morrissey's friend and former bass player and band mate Devon. As a present day Morrissey reminisces about Devon, Pellegrin sends the reader back to 1988.

In 1988 Morrissey is a rock 'n' roll blues guitarist and a recent divorcee who lives in a hot sticky apartment in the South [Yonkers]. His day job consists of repairing copy machines.

He drives a [Fiat 124S Spider] and seems relatively happy going day to day from beer to beer, paycheck to paycheck and gig to gig until a friend and band mate named Captain Marty, from their defunct band Air Raid, informs Morrissey that their mutual friend and bassist Devon has died and was possibly murdered.

Captain Marty asks Morrissey to investigate because he thinks Morrissey would be good at getting the answers.

Morrissey follows clues and discovers that everything is not what it seems. He is led to a gripping cat-and-mouse ending with a remorseless killer.

'Low End' is crafted like a song. It is a crime novel narrated in the first person with the typical wise cracks and testosterone-fueled bravado, and a mystery that one can sink their teeth into. But it is also a spiritual journey.

There are many writers who try too hard to emulate the masters, like Hammett, Chandler, MacDonald, Spillane and McBain. So cumbersome are their efforts, that they lose their own voices. But Pellegrin's protagonist has a voice of the street and a hardened cynical edge, softened with a good heart.

But readers will trust Morrissey only so far, because we know that with enough rope he will hang himself. Morrissey is like a mouth sore that we just can't help but touch. We know it's going to hurt but we don't care. Pellegrin, like God, sits in the back seat while his creation takes over.

I look forward to the further adventures of Morrissey and anything else Harry G. Pellegrin writes. He has written for periodicals like Soundboard: The Journal of the Guitar Foundation of America, The Horse: Backstreet Choppers. He lives with his wife and two daughters in rural upstate New York.

©The Saratogian 2004





For scholarly transcriptions and free sheet music, click the following link:

The Guitar School - Iceland

The Musician's Mystery Series --

Can one burned-out guitar player save his 'loser' friends, let alone himself?

Read all about it!

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Hey, the new album is out! That's right, finally a follow-up to the reissue of my old album from the late 1980's.

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With the aid of a good teacher, the student will rapidly progress through The Classic Guitar Method attaining technical proficiency and musical eloquence.

This method stems from the need to incorporate a number of schools into a single cohesive curriculum. Years of honing a logical approach to the guitar and the creation of music culminate in this volume. As a self-proclaimed Disciple of Valdés-Blain , much of that famed teacher's focus can be found in Mr. Pellegrin's method.

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LOW END What's new with the book that came out over a year ago? After being on back-order at for what seemed like a century, it is my understanding that copies are once again shipping. Barnes and Noble's website is on-again-off-again, but PAB (on Amazon as an authorized vendor) has LOW END in stock and it comes with a CD!

DEEP END, the exciting sequel, is being shopped by my literary agent even as we speak.

The Guitar Sessions: Weekly tech tips and exercises to help the guitarist improve. This feature has really taken off. Each week a new page is posted with either an exercise to get the left and right hands moving more efficiently and effectively or an interesting piece from the standard repertoire , demonstrating a necessary technical ability. Judging by the hits these pages receive, you guitar players love this feature!

The page is updated every Thursday. Visit the 2004 Archive as well!


My Mission, My Policy

In my opinion, the murder mystery genre reached its zenith in the 1930's and 1940's. The novels penned in those decades were taut, no-nonsense stories of people in life and death crises, people who did not flinch when confronted with overwhelming odds or overwhelming emotion. Some of these tales could be hard-edged and hard-boiled, but the heroes invariably had a soft side as well.

I believe that over the years, in an attempt to mimic real life, the writers of murder mysteries--and most other literature, for that matter--have lowered the standards of excellence set by such authors as the gritty Raymond Chandler and the sophisticated Dorothy Sayers. Many authors misinterpret smut for romance and brutality for strength.

My novels aspire to the standards set by the 1940's mystery writers. My tales are as real and grimy as the mean streets that spawned them. Even so, and though they deal with modern issues, you will not find gratuitous sex in my characters' relationships. Sex may be alluded to, but it is never allowed out from behind closed doors. You will find that my books are entertaining to a broad audience--I have had positive comments from teens to grandmothers. One reader was surprised when I told him that there were no obscenities in the book he'd just finished. He hadn't missed them! A good story doesn't need such unnecessary 'embellishment.'

I have conducted book signings at churches, country clubs, libraries and even a street corner (don't ask!) and I've never been called to task for, or ashamed of, my work. Pick up a copy of my latest novel and see if it isn't a good read!

Harry Pellegrin






As a native New Yorker and an American, I am still angered by the cowardly attacks of 9/11. Unless we restore New York City's skyline to its condition prior to September 11th, 2001, the miserable scum who attacked us will have won! Visit and rebuild America!



About My Site:

This site is a way for me to commemorate and celebrate a life and lifestyle that is now extinct. Why extinct? Is it that Thomas Wolfe " You-can't-go-home-again " thing? Is it because life is so much different now that what we experienced in the Bronx in the 60's and 70's is no longer relevant? Yes. No. Yes and no? Definitely maybe ! Why do I always start these little essays with questions?

At first, the main thrust of this site was to promote my book. It is a worthy goal; the book tells a good tale and everyone who has read it finds it entertaining and thought-provoking. With that sole goal, I went live with this site back in August of 2003. What happened next is what makes this site truly valuable.

There are people I grew up with, attended school and with whom I played in bands -- neighbors, friends, good family -- who I hadn't seen since I moved from the Bronx in 1986. Divorce had forced me into exile, time and distance conspired to seemingly turn this into a life sentence. Thank the muses for the internet! This site wasn't live for more than two months before I was reunited with Paul Silvestro , a childhood friend whom I hadn't seen in seventeen years. His brother Larry , the guy who had turned me on to playing guitar and taught me the things about music that matter the most, now with him I had no contact since 1983. Twenty years! Too long. I felt as if a part of my soul had been restored -- a part that had been missing for ages and had long ago been written off. But more was to come.

Anthony Pernice, Art Clement , Mike Moretti -- all reunited to me.

The 1960's weren't good to a number of us -- many of us had our personal demons to exorcise, be it substance abuse or the insidious hedonism of the times. but through it all, we were instilled with a vibe, cast in an artistic mold--call it what you will--but unless these same environmental stimuli are exactly reproduced, there will never be another crop of people quite the same.

This page delves into what we experienced and how we incorporated these experiences into art, music, literature and life . I've paid tribute to my neighborhood, the Wakefield section of the Bronx. The Discords -- Larry Silvestro and Artie Clemente's first band in the early mid-sixties-- they're here with their matching outfits, Fender, Hagstrom and Gretsch guitars plus those impeccably precise five part harmonies.

And speaking of the Bronx, I can't talk about Wakefield without mentioning Mount Saint Michael Academy on Murdock Avenue. The Mount was my Junior and High School and although I was not a happy camper while there, I made a few really good friends and consider the education received to be a fine one.

Of course, there is an homage to Leo Fender and his magnificent designs, the Telecaster © and the Stratocaster ©. I officially declare C.L. Fender an honorary Bronxite. These instruments have literally changed my life and the way we all hear music. Check out this page on my site.

Rory Gallagher, whom I saw play in 1973 and who has influenced me ever since--he has a page here as well. He has gone on now, but the impact he made is still rippling outwards, changing how we interpret the blues.

Untermyer Park in Yonkers and Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx are included on this site. We were kids interested in a good ghost story and both these places were terrific for providing a few innocent and fun goosebumps.

...and of course, my book!

Please enjoy this site. Nose around. Anyone can find something here to read and get a chuckle.



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