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The Sequel to LOW END is currently in production. Gary Morrissey is once again under the scrutiny of the local law enforcement community when he and his dive buddy discover a murder victim chained to Long Island Sound’s Execution Rocks. The action once again crisscrosses Westchester County as a mass murderer, with a penchant for reenacting famous homicides and historic executions, leads Gary on a chase through the natural as well as the occult.

Gary traces a voodoo cult with Haitian roots down to New Orleans where the action continues around the clock!

It was a Low End,

but it’s only the beginning…

My first completed novel, Low End, was a done deal as far as the actual writing was concerned, by August of 2000. However, in that embryonic stage, as I see it now, I considered it only to be a source of entertainment for my small handful of friends. There were no grand plans of publication in my befuddled noggin; I simply figured I'd spin off a few photocopies to be distributed as Christmas gifts—and dubious quality Christmas gifts at that!

Even with so little pretense in my strategy, my conscience demanded that the manuscript be bounced off one of my most literate friends, Keith Legg. “You know, I’m really busy right now” he said as I handed him the sheaf of paper, “so I can’t promise you I’ll get to it any time soon.” Well, at least it was in his hands, and Christmas was still four months away. Two days later, the phone rang. “You kept me up until four in the morning!” He explained further. “At eight or so, I thought I’d just knock off a chapter of your book before bed. Couldn’t put the thing down! What a wild ride!”

With that kind of endorsement from a well-read English teacher, the plot thickened. Why not try to get published? Get published, who, me? As any new author can tell you, you just can’t approach a major publishing house without a literary agent and you can’t get an honest literary agent unless some large publishing house has published something of yours already! This knowledge nearly discouraged me from the attempt, but I figured I’ve got a day job, crummy as it is, I’ll just plug away at pestering publishers and see what happens. A year of rejections, some kindly, some helpful, some downright nasty, ended with a contract with American Book Publishing based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The editing and pre-release chores almost filled the entire next two years. Low End was finally released for Internet sale in July of 2003 and slated for general retail in January 2004.

Everyone who knows me and has thumbed through Low End has the same question: You are Gary Morrissey, right? And to everyone I have the same answer: No! Then they’d invariably say: But Gary is a musician, and he was divorced, and he lived in Yonkers—and that’s your story as well. While that is all true, I merely picked and chose from among the baggage I carry to supply Gary with a three-dimensional personality. He is not me, I am not him.

Deep End: The Wreck of the Eddie Fitz is a continuation of Low End. I had become fond of our Gary, and from feedback I’d received from many readers; other folks have warmed to him as well. I had intentionally left the first novel with a somewhat open end. Life never delivers complete closure. The way I saw it, why shouldn’t art imitate life? An added benefit of leaving some loose ends was that the chance for a sequel would always be there.

The book you will be holding in your hands was actually an open file on my computer a month after my fateful conversation with Keith Legg, yet I didn’t stand with Gary and Brad in the parking lot of the New Rochelle Municipal Marina until July of 2003. Life got in Gary’s way, much as it had gotten in my way and for the two of us, almost four years had passed. It required a conscious effort on my part to help Gary get back into the fray.

While Low End was a story of one man’s fractured ethics doing battle with another man’s paranoia, Deep End is a tale of mass delusion and one man’s compulsion to murder. The seed of an idea came in the person of Dr. Norman Dobbs, a minister and wonderful man of the cloth, who is battling voodoo’s stranglehold on the nation of Haiti. His recounts of spiritual battle in the slums of what should and could be a Caribbean paradise are truly unique and inspiring

The other brain-jog that kicked off this story was a question my nine-year-old daughter Veronica asked. “Dad, what is the difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer? Kids ask the darndest questions, especially these days. I tried to describe Jeff Dahmer and Adolph Hitler, the two examples that came to mind. My answer to her? A serial killer enjoys killing and often culls from the same demographic group to select victims and frequently uses the same means of death. A mass murder harbors deep hatred for a group of people and kills them by any possible means in an attempt to achieve a goal. I noticed as I spoke that my definitions had an overlapping area. What would you call a man who enjoys killing, wants a certain group of people dead to further a plan, and uses a methodological model or models to craft his crimes? Is he a serial killer or a mass murderer? At that point do we merely use his tally as a deciding point? What benchmark in the number of victims separates a serial killer form a mass murderer?  I’m not a criminologist, psychologist or sociologist and have no real credentials or even desire to answer the question definitively, it is a very interesting point to ponder. I let Gary sweat this one for me.

Frankly, I’m slightly concerned about this book. Why? Well, there is always the famous curse of the sophomore effort to overcome. Readers who liked the depth of character development in Low End may not be as happy with Deep End. Are the characters less real? No, I didn’t wish to squander a huge quantity of redundant ink re-revealing Gary Morrissey to the reader who already knows him from the first book, that’s all. Does the reader have to have read Low End to enjoy this book? No, I don’t believe this to be true. With that said, I think there will be a better understanding and appreciation if Low End is read first.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this novel, thanks for picking it up. I had a great time writing it as I always enjoy spending time with my dear friends from the old neighborhood. They were the best of times; they were the worst of times… Oh hell, Dickens penned that one already. Pity, I could have really used that line here.

Hary G. Pellegrin
Scotia, New York
October 2003

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