A Norman Rockwell Community

Scotia, New York 12302

Nestled in a bend of the Mohawk River, Scotia is a small town in the grand tradition of the term. Scotia is the place where folks know each other by first name, know what they do for a living and probably either went to school with each other or a close family member.

Tree-lined streets are accented by well-tended single and two family homes--and that is the true magic of Scotia, it is a town of homes, not a conglomeration of houses for an itinerant generation.

Scotia is not bowing to 'political correctness' -- we still have a town Christmas tree and Veteran's Day parades. All religious beliefs and political affiliations are respected, but none are made to take a back seat to placate any PC causes. Refreshing and soothing.

Scotia's school system is highly ranked, as it should be -- the school and property taxes are nose-bleed high. Still, I wouldn't want my kids going to school anywhere else.

Here are some of the things that make Scotia unique and uiniquely good:

Magnolias on Fifth Street  
  The door to the police headquarters once had a sign which read: "Scotia Police Department Watch Your Step" This referred to the actual physical doorway, not an admonition to obey the law.   Busiest corner: Fifth and Vley
Lock Nine Park Picnics      
    Tree-lined quiet streets
The neighborhood kids  
  Fireworks every Fourth of July at Collins Lake. Of course, no matter what day the Fourth falls on, the town has the display on a different day -- it's a local tradition!    
  Jumpin' Jacks Restaurant. It's really a burger stand located on the banks of the Mohawk in the shadow of the Western Gateway Bridge. Open from April until Labor Day, Scotia residents set there biological clocks by the smell of burgers and fish fries. Don't miss the soft ice cream on a warm summer night.    


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The Four Seasons of Scotia

This page will be updated seasonally to reflect the changing face of our little town. And baby, it's cold outside! [This is the Winter page.]

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