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So, you want a more in-depth look at Gary's World and the scene of the crime? This page will take a while to load, but contains images of Yonkers, 498 (Gary's residence) and some additional places and people from the Low End story. I hope you enjoy!

Ivan's was the name of this small corner supermarket in 1986. [Corner of McLean and Wolfe Street.] Although the ownership and the name changed a few times in the seven years the author lived in the neighborhood, locals referred to the place as Ivan's no matter what the sign might have said. This photo was taken in late October of 1989 when the place went under the handle of 'Castillo's'--and was still a great place for ham and rolls on a Sunday morning.

498 Van Cortlandt Park Avenue is a real address, a real building, in a real neighborhood...

Believe it or not, it had once been a beautiful neighborhood and could still look quite attractive given the correct environmental facilitation. Here is a shot of Van Cortlandt Park Avneue looking south from the corner of Wolf Street during a snow storm in early 1987. This same direction, but from six floors up through the 6C bedroom window the next morning. The apartment building in the foreground is the one that Gary used to keep an eye on when a girl on a lower floor would exercise... The swine. Gary, I mean!

Here's a view of the same area taken in the summertime with a 150mm lens. The tree line is the small residential neighborhood on the northern border of Van Cortlandt Park. From the roof of 498, an incredibly nice view of the Pall- isades can be enjoyed. It's a pity that the view isn't as nice from one floor below in apartment 6C. That large grey peaked roof is the sancturary of the St. Dennis church. The school building would be to the right of the photo. The large apartment building in the background (way up on the river) is on Warburton Avenue. The wall of trees behind St. Dennis hides Broadway and Getty Square. Amazing.

Across from 498 stands an apartment building with a delicatessen occupying the ground-floor storefront. The deli is nice, the businesses conducted on the street, well, let's just say that a few of the oldest professions coexist--or at least they did in 1988! Often the scene of police intervention, friends would gather in the sixth floor windows from which this photo was taken to observe a Saturday night's intrigue unfold.

Of course, the Saturday night 'entertainment' is criticial to the LOW END storyline.

The first motorcycle to call apartment 6C "home" was a 1971 Honda CD175 found in a backyard in New Rochelle. It was pretty much toast when brought up in the elevator, but was painstakingly disassembled and rebuilt over the course of a winter.

Nights were long back then.

This motorcycle today resides on a shelf (truly) in the home of the author. The machine was fired once and run, however, a registration was never found for it. It is now a great conversation piece!

Note the Raask rear sets and low-set handlebars. This puppy was meant for something grander than its displacement would suggest! It was actaully a very docile, nice litttle machine on its one foray.

Well, there are some pictures of the apartment at 498 on the Gary's World page, but here is a more complete tour--with some added content.

Here's for having a couple of beers leaning against the motorcycle. This picture was taken a night or two after the bike was retrieved from New Rochelle. Huge--I mean HUGE--spiders were living in the machine. One especially gnarly, hairy brute was living under the seat and decided that running up the human's arm was a great escape route. It wasn't for the spider and it almost triggered a heart attack for the human!

On the living room walls were two abstract modern paintings. One is visible here over the aquarium. Picture dates from 1987 as the oak book shelf has not appeared next to the drawing table. Over the stereo there was a seragraph of the California coastline created by a Japanese artist. The corresponding piece to the graphic opver the aquarium can be seen here over the plant.

Here is a view of the apartment building on the opposite side of Van Cortlandt Park Avenue as seen from one of the southern windows of the bedroom.

he building diagonally across from 498 would be the scene of at least one fire department response per week. I never found out why, but the trucks would pull in sirens screamimg, the firemen would go in, come out, and leave. Go figure, I couldn't.

Here is a shot of the building across Van Cortlandt to the north. It was from in those windows that the Saturday Night 498 crowd witnessed the alleged crime that finally made everything click in Gary's head.

When the little 1971 Honda proved unregisterable, a new machine was sought. This came in the form of a 1981 Harley Davidson Sportster. Of course, stock is never good enough, customization was definitely required. Easy Rider (the movie) has influenced everyone born before 1970 and a semi-chopper look was desired. The bike went through an evolutionary series of changes, most being executed in a bath tub or on the kitchen floor. Now I am not recommending that motor vehicles should be stored, restored or customized in one's apartment, but it sure is nice to have all the facilities and the stereo close by while working. Heat is nice to have in the winter as well!

Here is a shot of the infamous/famous great guy and good friend Steve DeTone, the character Sloane DeLonge in LOW END. Sloane is seen here relaxing in an armchair at 498 New Year's Eve 1988/89 We all worked in Scarsdale in those days and many photos were taken by the amateur photographer in the ranks.

This little shot was taken very early one summer's morning in 1988 looking from the Post Office south towards the eastern wing of the Harwood building, seen in the right of the photo. The ground floor here was occupied by Scarsdale Harware in those days. And speaking of the Post Office...

There was a storefront on Harwood Court that sported the sign "Scarsdale Woman's Exchange" I never saw any women there that I'd exchange any of mine for, and I don't know if it still exists, but here is a picture of another Fiat Spider (newer than Gina) parked in front of the place.

Captain Marty used to drop by the Arcade Color Copy Center from time to time and here we see him, older but wiser, in 1990 wearing his old Metal Church tour tee shirt.

In Scarsdale, nothing is ugly. Check out what the town used to do with the Metro North high voltage towers... And of course, no mention of this area of Westchester would be complete without a brief look at our biggest edifice, the Kensico Dam. Located north of Scarsdale in North White Plains, just before Valhalla, the dam is remarkable in that up until 9/11, one could walk all over it, take pictures... I'm sure the security is much tighter now. Pity, it is a very photogenic spot and neat to hang out at.

I lay across the stones at the top of the dam and dangled my camera to get this shot of the dam. I have never seen it photographed from this angle.
nd, as only slightly mentioned in LOW END, here is Croton Gorge.

My favorite picture of Gina rounds out this insider's tour of LOW END. This photo was taken in June of 1986 in Mount Vernon, just off of East Lincoln Avenue.

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From Stage to Page

By GREG HAYMES, Staff writer

First published: Thursday, November 20, 2003

From Stage to Page

Scotia's Harry Pellegrin knows music. He began taking piano lessons at age 5, switched to bass at 11 and took up guitar at 13. He graduated from Manhattan's Mannes College of Music, and played in several rock bands in The Bronx.

So when Pellegrin began writing a novel, it was no surprise that he turned to the world of music. His first novel is "Low End," a rock 'n' roll mystery featuring disillusioned NYC rocker Gary Morrissey, who finds himself entangled in a murder investigation set amid the back alleys and dive barrooms of Yonkers.

"Low End" won't land in stores until February, but you can buy a copy online (http://www. pellegrinlowend.com). Or better yet, drop by Starbucks on Clifton Country Road in Clifton Park between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, where Pellegrin is conducting a book-signing session.

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