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Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx


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LOW END, fictional as it is, still revolves around real places and people. The author felt that by including real people, places and events, the story would feel 'real.'

Harry first 'went to Scarsdale' in 1978 to have his prized Ramirez guitar refretted by Barry Lipman, who was then an independent luthier with customers ranging from Roz Dlugin to Ace Frehley. Barry Lipman worked out of a residence located at 1186 Post Road, the only external indication being a guitar screwed to a tree by the road. Anyone living in the area during the eighties will no doubt remember this!

I like this photo, it's my website, so I'm gonna throw it in! Here's a picture of Harry and Barry and their nine foot snow lady circa February 1982.

In 1981, Harry was seeking to build the guitar that he and his father had planned to build. The project was cut short when Harry's dad died, but Harry tried to push ahead. He went to Lipman to learn how to install a truss rod in a neck he'd begun to build. Lipman was impressed enough with Harry's attempt to offer him an apprenticeship.

Years later, Lipman, N.S. "Buck" Brundage, Steven DeTone and Harry formed Player Instrument Corporation to build and market an electric guitar (with interchangeable pickups that could be quickly removed without tools in mid-song) and the Power Plant, a boutique distortion unit. Barry Lipman, to the left, is seen refretting a customer's early '60's Strat. Buck Brundage, seen at right, is playing a single pickup MDS-1 prototype. Buck was associated with Al DiMeola, serving as a guitar sound guru on a number of his albums. Here's a close-up of the MDS-1 two pickup variant with the bridge pickup popped out. Harry at oh, 25 or 26 years old.





In 1985, Harry went with Player to the NAMM show in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was there that Harry met Brian May and had this photo taken with the original Red Special. For the record, the neck is very round in profile and extremely small. The guitar wasn't heavy at all, despite the seeming thickness of the body. It is very well balanced. Harry got a real charge at getting to touch the Bohemian Rhapsody guitar! The picture to the right is the only shot of Brian May Harry was able to snap--and he regrets not using the flash to this day. Mr. May is holding a Player production MDS-1.

Player folded in late 1985 and signalled not just the end of the interchangeable pickup concept, but the end of Harry's first marriage -- and Harry was out of work, out of money and out of a home! As people will tell you, and it is truth, when life hands you a dirty deal, that's when you find out who really cares about you. Enter Steven DeTone and

Leslie Hammer DeTone. Steve had worked with Harry for years at Player. Steve had begun dating Leslie Hammer, who worked at the Arcade Color Copy Center in Scarsdale. Leslie, who supplied the description and personality for the character of Lucille in LOW END, got Harry a job at the Arcade, where he made friends with lots of great people, Dave, Jeff, Joann, Horace Davis, big and little Lisa, Keith, Kenny, and if we've missed anyone, our apologies! The Arcade was located next to the old Scarsdale Hardware, right in the lobby of the Harwood Building. Neither business remains there, though both are still in operation. The picture to the right is Leslie in 1984. Sadly, she passed away in 2001, the day after Thanksgiving. Leslie is standing behind the Kodak 300 duplicator that is mentioned in the book. Joann is standing next to her.

The photo, taken by the author in 1988, shows the Harwood Building from the Boniface Circle side, photo taken from the small park Man, I miss working there!.

This photo, \below left, is Steve DeTone, Stanley 'Sloane' DeLonge in the novel. This photo was taken at his parent's old house in the Bronx, probably in 1989.

Harry left Arcade in 1991, he wanted a change of surroundings, though he always regrets leaving Scarsdale and the Arcade. He feels that the best years of his life spanned that period between 1986 and 1991, much pain, but great friendship and fun. Lange's Deli, Michael's Cheese Shop, the old Scarsdale Photo Shop, Eclat, Zachy's, Spencer Book and Variety, Chase Landing -- all great memories, some of these places still survive. What was best was the camaraderie among the retailers in town -- and some of the nicest customers in the world!. It was a good time.

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