Dear Kenny, Mikey, Sammy & Miriam

I am glad you took the time to either GOOGLE my name or AIR RAID and have made your way through the internet to this page. Maybe someone even directed you here. Whatever the mechanics of the deal, you're here. Terrific.

As of May 2005 it will be 23 years since we played our last gig. Believe it or not, there isn't a day that has gone by when I haven't thought about you all. Yeah, I know what you'll say, "That's easy for him to say, he's the clown that busted up the band." You're right, it was all my fault.

I'm the first to admit this and I'd like to ask you for forgiveness. As you'll recall, I was under the strain of a really bad marriage at the time and was trying anything I could to keep a sinking ship afloat at home. Chucking the band was one of them. It made the ex happy -- for that moment. I know this caused lots of hard feelings and that these feelings you have regarding me are well justified. Still, I lost out too, just as much as anyone.

Recently I have come to the great realization (yeah, I'm a slow thinker...) that life is way too short to bear hurt feelings, anger, and unforgiveness. I can't find most of you to call you up and tell you this, so I'm writing in the hope that you will contact me through email or phone. I'd like to renew old acquaintances. With Marley's Ghost, Marty's old band, reuniting I thought it would be good for us at least to all be on speaking terms again. If they can play a gig after thirty years, can't we at least be friends?

The flame still burns, man.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I can be contacted at , and by phone at (518) 346-5827.