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Some of the Internet's Koolest Links

No, I'm not out to sell stuff...

...Except for my own. Even so, I have friends and associates with some pretty neat sites. Information, yes, even products you might find interesting. Go cruising past -- you don't have to buy anything!

Of Special Interest!


Gary Richard - The High Road CD
On Sale Now!
$ 10.00 + Shipping and Handling
US orders only!

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To purchase Gary Richard - The High Road CD,
please click on the link above, and follow
the online instructions... Thank You! Yeah, it sounds a bit irreverent, but this site is unique in that one can 'visit' the graves of famous -- and not-so-famous -- blues musicians, keeping htere memories alive and possibly introducing them to a new audience. It's a great site. EXPLORE! An interview with

Brian Kaufman, author of The Breach


ON THE AM New EP CD just released by alternative power-punk band On The AM . The singer/guitar player on this CD is the drummer in the band I'm in -- a very talented performer, triple threat musician and songwriter -- Scott Francisco. Their website isn't quite ready to go as of 03/05/05, but check it out soon

Click for review of In Correspondence


 : On this site You will find many free scores for beginner/student/amateur. The images and artwork on this site are quite beautiful and very worth checking out!
 G. Pellegrin -- which is my author page on Author's Den website. END The Low End page on Author's Den --This is a website for The Music House in Port Washington New York. Kandi Wasser is a fellow former Albert Blain student and the site is worth visiting. Home of the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation Here's a website for a talented author, enthusiastic mystery person, and genuinely nice lady! Courtney "Courts" Mroch. Check it out! The website of mystery author Diane Vogt, from whom we get the excellent Wilhelmina Carson series of bestselling mystery novels. Site for Many Fascinating Articles and Images Concerning Rory Gallagher Official Site of the Great Blues Guitarist Rory Gallagher Online Store for LOW END A Site For Lonely Authors Visit Here and Review Books Nelson Andreu's Website The Koolest Vintage Guitar Store in New York State

www. is the site of Sisters In Cirme (naturally) an organization formed to promote women mystery writers and assist their fans in finding them. These fine ladies do allow us men folk to join and I am a sister (!) as well. A terrific organization! JOIN! The dealer of choice for that fine new concert guitar or for that rare hisotrical instrument you've been seeking. There is something here for any classical guitarist -- a wealth of information as well as fine instruments. Please visit this site!

LOW END What's new with the book that came out over a year ago? After being on back-order at for what seemed like a century, it is my understanding that copies are once again shipping. Barnes and Noble's website is once again stocking LOW END as well.

DEEP END, the exciting sequel, is being shopped by my literary agent even as we speak.

The Musician's Mystery Series


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