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In That Zone... The Second CD


Reflecting Pools is an ethereal journey into the realm of relaxation. In That Zone is a more classically structured exploration of mood and personality. From the baroque flavor of A Little Song for Amanda to the Bartok-tinged Dream of the Night Dance , a wide range of styles and instrumentation transport the listener through a seventeenth century drawing room to the amazon rain forest, from the American prairie to a smokey jazz club.

In That Zone is perfect music for quiet meditation as well as critical listening.

Both albums were recorded during the same time period. Time constraints as well as stylistic considerations made a sorting and categorization necessary. Too much diverse material has brought us two unique and satisfying albums.

"...Reflecting Pools is a notable first album. A dramatic sense of tonality and mood are propelled by exemplary musicianship and exciting compositional exploits."

--Harvey Benjamin, New Age Music Review


A new collection of tone poems composed by Harry George Pellegrin.

Listen to sample clips:

Overture and Underture II

A Little Song for Amanda

The Miracle (For Veronica)

Dream of the Night Dance


A Vibe

Underture and Overture II












Now Available on !

Overseas ordering contact:




P.O. Box 2369

Scotia, New York 12302

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DEEP END, the exciting sequel, is being shopped by my literary agent even as we speak.

The Guitar Sessions:Weekly tech tips and exercises to help the guitarist improve. This feature has really taken off. Each week a new page is posted with either an exercises to get the left and right hands moving more efficiently and effectively or an interesting piece from the standard repertoire , demonstrating a necessary technical ability. Judging by the hits these pages receive, you guitar players love this feature!

The page is updated every Thursday. Visit the 2004 Archive as well!

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