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Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx


Gina the Fiat and 498 Van Cortlandt Park Avenue, Yonkers

Gary Morrissey’s first love was his petite black Italian sports car, Gina—a 1977 Fiat Spider.

Here is a picture of Gina taken at the time of the novel’s action. She’s parked in Scarsdale, New York, near the Metro-North train station.

And here is a side-shot of Gina with the author…

Gina was eventually given to Dandy Dan the Kodak man, a character from the LOW END sequel.

Gary lived in Yonkers, New York in a sixth-floor apartment. He took great pride in his place, as he had precious little else to feel good about.

The front hall of the apartment figures prominently in the novel. It was here that Detective O’Brien threatened Lisa and Gary.

Here is another view, taken looking in the door. The ‘Wonder Wall’ is on the left. The hall leads to the bedroom, the doorway behind the coat rack leads to the kitchen. The living room was Gary’s place to hang and chill with a cold beer or six.  

The oriental rug in the center of the floor measures11.5 feet by 8 feet. This livingroom was quite a large room! Gary’s motorcycle did not make it to the livingroom until the month after this picture was taken.  In this photo to the right, is Gary’s favorite chair, the one form which he was pulled by a fateful phone call from Captain Marty.

Of course, no tour of Gary’s apartment would be complete without a visit to the bedroom.. Not for that reason! It was from these four windows that Gary’s rolling collection of friends and acquaintances watched drug deals, domestic disputes, cat fights and drunken brawls on Saturday nights during the Summer of 1988.

Torn Pockets, Sloane DeLonge's band, is actually Torn Pockets (Hey, I had a bad moment and couldn't whip up anything better) a band formed by Gary Bruno and Steve DeTone. Peter Parker, former drummer of the famous New Wave band Dirty Looks drummed for them for a few years. Torn Pockets releases one album that I know of, TROUBLE AGAIN, which was nominated for an American Music Award. Gary is a great songwriter. Steve is a great player. I can't figure why they only had one album...

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Gary Morriseey’s favorite restaurant—and the author’s—is J.J. Mannion’s on 640 McLean Avenue in Yonkers. If you’re ever in that neighborhood, make it a point to stop in for the best no-nonsense burgers in the County!

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Map of 640 Mclean Ave
Yonkers, NY 10705-4740

A seasonal thing:

Some winter pictures from Yonkers in the late 1980's.

Along the Bronx River Parkway in January 1988, near Scardsale.

Tibbets Brook Park Gazebo near the pond. January 1988. A pretty spot.

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