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Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx


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It's one thing to be an aficionado, still another to go crazy and throw one's life into a pursuit. He's played rock and roll, the blues, R&B and has even been into classical music.

He's always been amazed at the attitudes one finds in the music world. His forays into the pop and rock world flabbergasted his classically trained classmates in college--he was making money at frivolous music. In their opinions, it was probably a better choice to starve than play rock and roll!

Harry's crazy! Uh, about guitars, I mean. And about all forms of music.

He wasn't always the wine-soaked classical guitarist pictured to the left playing a wonderful Jack Kirk-built concert guitar in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 1983. And that is an actual chord he's playing. He saw it on an Eliot Fisk album cover, and it did actually make an attractive sound! Of course, his paws weren't always so massive.

In 1968, he was given a low-end Japanese bass (a 'Stadium') for his birthday. Here he is seen in March 1968 doing something with it while his childhood buddy Albert Fusco sings while beating on a floor fan. It could have been worse, the fan might have been plugged in.

The Stadium Bass served well over its five year stay with Harry. He used it for two months in the band Stampede. The much abused item even went on to become the first bass played by George Giga when he was a student. By that time the poor thing sported a home-sprayed metalflake purple paint job and a sticker across the pickguard that stated Vote YES on the Masters & Johnson Act!. Hey, Harry's always had class!

Harry is not Jaco by any stretch, so when people (read: girls) didn't flock to him to hear his solo bass performances at parties, he took all his eighth grade graduation money and bought a Teisco Del Rey blue and paisley six string at EJ Korvettes on Boston Post Road. Fortunately, there are no known pictures of Harry with this instrument which was sold in 1974 for $10.00 two years after he'd gotten his Fender Telecaster. Below left is a picture of Stampede doing "In The Still of The Night." We know it's this song as for this one tune, Mark Berlingeri put down the guitar and manned the drums while Bert Muriello took center stage for the lead vocals. You couldn't pry the Tele out of Harry's hands. This other image of Stampede shows Harry with a broomstick concealed on him somewhere, his oversized and underpowered amp and his 12 string electric propped to one side. Great guitar, given to his first love. She said thanks.

Of course, prior to Rory Gallagher's influence, Harry was a victim of the prog-rock movement and its fashion atrocities. Laugh along with the rest of us...

The Tele is still in service to this date, although it has been augmented over the years by a long parade of Stratocasters. His first Strat can be seen on the Fender page elsewhere on this website. Over the years, Harry has owned a few nice Gibsons, but Fender won his heart at an early age and he wasn't willing to put the time in to learn the peculiarities of a new scale length and touch.

In 1975, Harry joined Tony and the Starlighters, an Elvis tribute outfit. We rehearsed close to the Reservoir Oval on Kingsbrideg Road. in the Bronx. This was during the years that the Third Avenue Elevated Subway was being demolished and I still remember feeling that the Bronx was changing faster than I'd like. The neighborhood in the mid-seventies was still mostly Irish and Italian hold-outs. We had a lot of fun at Tony Barbella's parent's house.

Here's a photo from April 1976 in the Barbella attic--Terry Farrell is playing his Ric bass and Harry is looking lost in thought on his Telecaster--the famous 1971 Fender from Manny's on 48th Street. This Tele is still in service here in the 21st century.

Being in an Elvis band was not the greatest career move--until Elvis checked out. Then, there was a payday! Elvii had been changed at that point from Tony Barbella to VJ Adino and Harry liked to bring a more modern-rock slant to the old Fifties chestnuts. By 1978, the Tele had sacrificed its neck for an Explorer project that Harry's Dad built. Solid American Black Walnut, weighing over twelve pounds, this was a workout as well as a guitar. Seen here as it is today, it now sports a Player neck. Harry wanted his old Tele in one piece again!

But pictures still do exist of Harry playing in an Elvis act with an Explorer. Iconoclastic, eh?

Our Elvis was VJ Adino, aka Vincent Adinolfi, currently a record company executive. Wonder how much he'd pay for every known copy of this picture? These pictures were taken in August of 1979 at Shorehaven Beach Club. They had shows there, we opened for Morey Amsterdam. I was star-struck and had to meet him in the dressing room before we went out and played, got his autograph and everything! Then we played. He took the stage a few minutes after and spent the first fifteen minutes of his appearance beating up rock music in general and us in particular!

After college and Elvis, the bars beckoned--for music as well. After his ill-conceived and ill-fated first marriage first reared its head in 1980, AIR RAID came along in the person of one Martin Seddon. And if you know Marty, you can see that there'll never be another like him.

AIR RAID survived two major incarnations before folding in the late Summer of 1982.

Here is the last photo of Harry and Marty in a musical situation, a recording studio in Dobbs Ferry in 1987. Read LOW END, the story is related there. From left to right, Mike Panteleo (sorry if I've misspelled it, Mike) Captain Marty, Sasha, Harry and Mark.

To look at the photos on this site, you would be convinced that Harry has never looked at anything but Fenders. Well, although there really isn't too much point to look at anything else, he still has owned and played some niche guitars over the years that fulfilled certain roles. The ES355 was used for blues numbers--it got that BB King sound! The mockingbird, actually a Lipman of 1977 vintage was perfect for death metal!

Here is an old photo (circa 1975) of Harry's left-handed SG and my Peavey Musician. The head is still around, though not in service. It still works though, even after a pitcher (no kidding) of beer spilled into it during a gig at The Viking on City Island in 1980. The Peavey has gobs of power, but no tone whatsoever. It makes a great slave amp. It was often used with a Scholz Rockman to drive the head. He used an SVT cabinet with it(!) The original 4X12 Peavey cabinet sounded great for bass, but not terrific by any stretch with a guitar. The SG sounded okay always, but lost its head twice in small mishaps. It sold it in 1977 to buy a Christmas gift for Harry's girlfriend.

A car accident in 1989 left Harry with a left side neurological deficit, it was believed that his musical adventures would be over. Thanks to God, he is back playing--and still loving every minute of it!

Here's a recent shot (off a TV monitor) with Harry playing a '62 reissue Strat in Lake Placid Blue. Jeff Elston on bass. They did A Million Miles Away on 10/31/03 with Scott Francisco on drums.

Government Conspiracy.  Electric Guitars.


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