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The Exercise Archive Year 2004 AD

Your Weekly Guitar Technique Sessions and Strength Exercises by Harry G. Pellegrin.

Vintage exercises, vintage me! Who is that young boy in the photo? Photograph courtesy of Christopher Hnottavange, who was twenty at the time as well.

Enjoy these vintage exercises and be sure to return to the main exercise page for next week's edition (or should I say addition?)



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Exercise Week One: September 23, 2004 Warm Up and Work Out

Exercise Week Two: September 30, 2004 Legato (Slurs)

Exercise Week Three: October 7, 2004 The Barre in Melody Passages

Exercise Week Four: October 14, 2004 A Trip to Nosebleed Country

Exercise Week Five: October 20, 2004 Sor and the Interval of the Third

Exercise Week Six: October 28, 2004 Scale Passages in Bach's Chaconne

Exercise Week Seven: November 4, 2004 Right-hand finesse in Villa-Lobos

Exercise Week Eight: November 11, 2004 Working in Fourths

Exercise Week Nine: November 18, 2004 Apoyando

Exercise Week Ten: November 25, 2004 Rock and Rollers! Open string speed riffing

Exercise Week Eleven: December 2, 2004 Giuliani variation demands right hand intricacy

Exercise Week Twelve: December 11, 2004 Tremolo Study Number 1

Exercise Week Thirteen: December 18, 2004 Tremolo No. 2 Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Exercise Week Fourteen: December 23, 2004 Guardame Las Vacas

Enjoy these exercises and come back next week for more! If you've enjoyed these exercises and sessions, please consider buying a copy of my book! (Click the sketch to go to!)



For additional free sheet music, click the following link:

The Guitar School - Iceland

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