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Week Number Thirty Four (June 2, 2005)

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The thumb and right hand technique

Part Two

Yes, I know that once again this week's session is late -- four days late.

I am well known for not being punctual. In 1990 I actually managed to miss a meeting with Jon Voight. He is a true gentleman and really decent fellow though and left the note you see below.

So, if I could be so disrespectful as to be late for Mr. Voight, well, don't feel too bad that I'm running late on the sessions! By the way, my kids only know Jon Voight professionally as 'Mr. Sir' in the movie HOLES. The character of Mr. Sir is so much like and at the same time not like Jon Voight. Mr. Sir was mean, but played with lots of humor. I can't imagine Jon Voight being mean, but the humor -- it's there in abundance!

Anyway, back to the guitar.

Last session we looked at a Ferdinand Carulli prelude. I have been sorting through and editing a great deal of Carulli, Sor, Coste and Giuliani -- the early pedagogists and masters of the guitar. Like I said last time, these guys knew the instrument and knew how to write educational compositions that are both enlightening as well as entertaining. The reason I have been editing these masters is so that I can include new editions of their works in my upcoming guitar method. A positive side benefit of this is that I have become reacquainted with pieces I hadn't played through in almost thirty years. Even I, the Master of Old, had been using newer methods and studies with my students! Know what? These pieces are still as much of a benefit to the student now as they were in 1974. Who would have thought???

Below is a small piece from the Carulli Method simply entitled 'Andante'. I use this piece in my method as an exercise for the student. It is totally unfingered. The student must add his or her own right and left hand fingerings. In an appendix to my method, I have another copy of the piece with my fingering suggestions. Once the student has completed fingering the piece, they can compare their efforts with my suggestions.

The left hand is very, very straight forward. Note measure 36. Here I would play the D with the third finger and the B with the first, leaving the fourth finger free for the F# later in the measure and making a good set up for measure 37. That is a good example of how one must approach the left hand in this piece -- always conscious of where the music is going, not just where you're sitting at the moment.

Right hand? I would recommend that the student tries it two (maybe more) ways. First, the natural p for bass notes with i and m plucking the treble/thirds portions. Second, try combinations of i and a and m and a for some variety Keep the thumb working the bass notes though. Of course, some combinations will not work in some measures, but, hey, get creative.

Unless some one emails me, I won't post my fingerings next week. Of course, if you want to see 'em... Just drop us a line at .

And if Mr. Jon Voight should pass by this page -- Hi! Sorry I missed you!

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