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Updated January 6, 2005


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Not an exercise, but a 'new' technique

This is geared towards the classical guitarist, but any acoustic performer should enjoy this little trick. Albeit an old one, itis one I have not heard used in thirty years. Maybe I listen to the wrong stuff.

Once again, this is scanned from the wonderful and unavailable Pascual Roch Modern Method For Guitar, published by G. Schirmer in 1922. Please re-release this work!

I believe that this effect was used (and probably still is used) in Flamenco music, with its heavy use of rhythm and percussive effects- tapping and the like. With more and more guitarists pushing the boundaries of genre, I believe the historic techniques culled from the old flamenco masters will find their ways into New Age and World music with the classical guitar finding a voice in these styles. Have you heard Ben Verdey's classical guitar arrangements of Hendrix? It isn't just the flamenco techniques coming to the fore!

Enjoy these exercises and technique builders! Come back next week for more.

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