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Okay, so I am weird. Hadn't figured that out yet, eh? Well, almost forty years ago (ugh) I became aware of a Dutch guitarist named Jan Akkermann, the guitarist in the band Focus. He played the abomination (what Albert Blain called the electric guitar) but he also played the lute and classical guitar. All Focus albums include at least one piece either on classical guitar -- le Clochard on 'Moving Waves' which is available as sheet music on my site -- and this piece, Elspeth of Nottigham found on Focus III (I believe.) Anyway, I always thought this was a genuine renaissance lute piece he revamped, but I am not so sure he didn't write it himself. Yes, he is that good....

Recently a fellow who had seen my youtube video of my live performance of 'Le Clochard' on the Schenectady Today TV show a few years back asked if I'd ever played Elspeth and/or if I had the tab. Well, I don't believe in tab--too ambiguous in most instances for good performance--but as this fellow prefers tablature to standard notation AND my engraving software will double a piece into tab, I decided to work it through for him. Although I have used snippets of Elspeth as a prelude to Le Clochard, I was appalled at how I had recomposed (or decomposed!) the piece over 36 years!

Here it is. I will finger the standard notation and repost, but bewteen the standard and the tab, I think you'll figure it out! Blow it up in your browser or download!

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The Semi-regularly Appearing  Technique Session And Dexterity and Stamina Exercises

UPDATED March 3, 2011


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A CD collection of classical guitar favorites plus five selections from 'Suite for Guitar' by Harry George Pellegrin.

 "I picked the selections for this CD from the large number of  pieces that I have continued to enjoy over the many years that make up a lifetime, including both student pieces as well as recital-fare.  The intent of this album is not to try to dazzle, but to evoke memories."


Asturias/Leyenda         Isaac Albéniz 
Etude Opus 6 Number 8         Fernando Sor
Etude Opus 35 Number 13         Fernando Sor
Etude Opus 35 Number 22        Fernando Sor
Etude Opus 35 Number 17        Fernando Sor
Lágrima        Francisco Tárrega
Adelita        Francisco Tárrega
Mazurka in C        Francisco Tárrega
Mazurka in G        Francisco Tárrega
Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Mozart         Fernando Sor
Etude Opus 60 Number 3        Matteo Carcassi
Etude Opus 60 Number 7        Matteo Carcassi
Etude Opus 60 Number 16        Matteo Carcassi
Vals Brevis One (Waltz for Agustin) For Georgio Testani         Harry George Pellegrin
Vals Brevis Two (Dark Horse Waltz)        Harry George Pellegrin
Vals Brevis Three (The Last Kiss) For Veronica M. Pellegrin        Harry George Pellegrin
Vals Brevis Four (Summer Afternoon, Bronx, 1962, For Coco)        Harry George Pellegrin
Snowfall 12.21.2008        Harry George Pellegrin


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