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Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx


As a native New Yorker and an American, I am still angered by the cowardly attacks of 9/11. Unless we restore New York City's skyline to its condition prior to September 11th, 2001, the miserable scum who attacked us will have won! Visit and rebuild America!




Heitor Villa-Lobos.

There are two varieties of classical guitarist: those who play the Villa-Lobos etudes and preludes and those who will be learning them very soon. The etudes and preludes are kind of deceptive--they are not terribly difficult reading, they reinforce a particular pattern, be it chordal, melodic or rhythmic. The devil is in the execution. These pieces are a worthy challenge to the student as it is often the endurance that is the crux.

Etude One in e minor is a neat little piece. What I consider the 'B' section of the piece is (mostly) nothing more than a single chord played in one fret descending pattern from the box to the nut. Look at the pattern. This is a right-hand exercise, correct? Note the repeated 'melody note' in each measure. It's the 'b' in the first measure, the b flat in the second, etc. The uppermost note is repeated three times in each measure and is usually performed with this note accented, first loud, then a bit softer, then softer still--but still louder than the accompaniment. This gets to be an issue in measure seven, eight, nine and ten as the accompaniment crosses over and steps on the three 'melody' notes. So, yeah, it really is right hand finesse, but it is a good ear that can sort it out! Steel-string acoustic and electric players who use a pick -- you can still benefit from this piece. Play it and work on your flat picking keeping in mind the accents I have previously mentioned.Classical students, buy these etudes and preludes. There are twelve etudes, each a worthy 'opponent' your victory will make you stronger! The preludes are dynamite little concert pieces, play one for an encore, play 'em all for a second half program selection.

Enjoy these exercises and come back next week for more!.


  LOW END  By Harry George Pellegrin.  The first in the Gary Morrissey series of mysteries.  Dealing with modern subject matter in the classic style of the 1940's Mystery Noire masters--think Raymond Chandler in New York in the 1980's...  LOW END is the story of a drug addict who is murdered after he believes he has found evidence of a major government conspiracy.  Is it only drug-induced paranoia?  Might be, except his paranoia could be considered justified: he was murdered, after all.  Friend Gary Morrissey takes it upon himself to find out just what happened and lands himself in the crosshairs.
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Classic Guitar Method  Composed, written, transcribed, edited and arranged by Harry G. Pellegrin: Now in one volume, much of what the novice classical guitarist will need to know to lead him or her to the recital stage. From proper instrument care and maintenance to the necessary technical skills, musical mind-set, and the standard repertoire—all exposed and explored with enough detail and insight that the student will wish to keep this book handy years to come as a ready reference source.
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DEEP END: The Wreck of the Eddie Fitz  By Harry George Pellegrin. A mystery novel. Involving a semi-professional musician and a Kreyol death cult, DEEP END takes the reader from the bottom of Long Island Sound to the steamy streets and Blues clubs of New Orleans. Alternative spirituality does battle with the common working man.  Published by PAB Entertainment Group in association with
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Reflecting Pools    Original Music by Harry G. Pellegrin:
Reflecting Pools is a departure for me as it is totally keyboard. Well, the guitar did show up on one track...

"...Reflecting Pools is a notable first album [for Mr. Pellegrin]. A dramatic sense of tonality and mood are propelled by exemplary musicianship and exciting compositional exploits."

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...And containing nine tracks that are relaxing, inspirational -- sounds like a snooze. Not really, this is great stuff to listen to on a rainy afternoon, while with your significant other (nudge, nudge, know what I mean?) Please visit the Reflecting Pools page on this site or

In That Zone, is now out! Please visit for details and to order.

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