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Updated October 14, 2004


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Oh, those amazing intervals...

This exercise is from the famous Pascual Roch Method for Guitar of 1922. We took a look at Sr. Roch's upward legato exercises two weeks ago. This week we see chromatic scales in triplets. This is good stuff, trust me. According to his description, this exercise of Roch's 'embraces the entire fingerboard.' Makes ya want to sing 'It's a Small World After All', eh? But, as promised, you will hit just about every inch of your board, right up onto the box.

Have you ever played any Augustin Barrios Mangore? His compositions are, for me, the ultimate workouts. He sure wasn't afraid to write melodies up in the nosebleed section of the range. I am not sure why his music was discounted by the critics and self-appointed pundits of the music world. I believe that the classical music world was not ready for a virtuoso composer during his lifetime. Segovia might have suffered the same ingnominity if he'd written his own material rather than transcribe from the masters and commission works from well-known composers for 'serious' instruments. Okay, enough of my soapbox antics. If you're interested in an exercise that will begin to prepare you for excursions up onto the box, here's a start. In the future I will bring exercises based on other intervals from the Method for Guitar.



Enjoy these exercises and come back next week for more!.


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