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Harry G. Pellegrin

Execution Rock, Long Island Sound, New York

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Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx



The .38 Special in her slip at the New Rochelle Municipal Marina in August of 1992

The .38 Special spent many a long night moored off Execution Rock. The author and his good friend and dive buddy Dave Orshowitz went lobster diving at least three nights a week during the summer of 1992. Elaine Pellegrin spent many a lonely hour staring at the bubbles and cradling a Beretta automatic.

"I have spent as many nights in the proximity of this site of historic atrocities and disaster as anyone aside from one of the lighthouse keepers and I will make the statement unashamedly that the place really creeped me out. I do not believe in ghosts though. I do believe that there is a certain 'memory' that is saved when a dramatic emotional impact occurs and Execution Rock has saved quite a few. These memories are a strong influence on the psyche of those individuals attuned to such things."


DEEP END: The Wreck of the Eddie Fitz

Brad looked at me for a solid minute, then shook his head as if to move on. “Why do they call that outcropping, sea mount, whatever, ‘Execution Rocks? Do you know?”

“Yeah, I can tell you a bit. The stories are in most books about local lighthouses. I’ve looked through so me. Also, most of the charter captains will tell you a little tale about the place if you’re headed that way. ‘Execution Rocks’ pops up in various forms in various local dive yarns. I don’t know whether any of this stuff is accurate, but I’ve heard and read two predominate stories. So who knows?” I paused and took a slug of coffee." One dive captain from City Island tries to debunk the legends and tells people on his charters that the revolutionary war-era ship captains called it “Executioner's Rock” because the rock pile had claimed a large number of commercial vessels. I can’t imagine any lives lost ‘cause it’s not all that far from shore and parked in such normally calm waters. This is the story you’ll read in most literature.”

“The most popular legend has it that the British took colonials who wouldn’t tow the Crown’s line, pay their tea tax, whatever, and take them out there at low tide and chain them up to rings they’d installed on the rock – well below the high tide mark. They’d chain the colonials to the rock and either elicit confessions or just let ‘em drown. It must have been a great deterrent to civil unrest for the colonists to think they could be killed in such a slow and horrible manner.”

“A lighthouse was built in the early 1800’s and manned continuously. The US Lighthouse Service automated the light in the late seventies, so there are no longer any lighthouse keepers on duty. The whole area is off-limits, you can’t land there. The place is fairly desolate—except for fishermen. I’ve heard it said at the marina that the place is haunted. But that’s a pile of crap, I’ve been out there at night, and I’m probably the most easily spooked and superstitious person you’ll ever meet.”

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Harry Pellegrin at Snug Harbor, Rhode Island August 26, 1991. Destination: U853.

On the .38 Special, Summer 1992

The Ghosts of Hellgate is an interesting look at the Execution Rock legend and makes for interesting reading.

Long Island Lighthouses offers more information and images of this historic location plus pages of information on other Long Island locations.

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  LOW END  By Harry George Pellegrin.  The first in the Gary Morrissey series of mysteries.  Dealing with modern subject matter in the classic style of the 1940's Mystery Noire masters--think Raymond Chandler in New York in the 1980's...  LOW END is the story of a drug addict who is murdered after he believes he has found evidence of a major government conspiracy.  Is it only drug-induced paranoia?  Might be, except his paranoia could be considered justified: he was murdered, after all.  Friend Gary Morrissey takes it upon himself to find out just what happened and lands himself in the crosshairs.
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DEEP END: The Wreck of the Eddie Fitz  By Harry George Pellegrin. A mystery novel. Involving a semi-professional musician and a Kreyol death cult, DEEP END takes the reader from the bottom of Long Island Sound to the steamy streets and Blues clubs of New Orleans. Alternative spirituality does battle with the common working man.  Published by PAB Entertainment Group in association with
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