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Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx


As a native New Yorker and an American, I am still angered by the cowardly attacks of 9/11. Unless we restore New York City's skyline to its condition prior to September 11th, 2001, the miserable scum who attacked us will have won! Visit and rebuild America!



Harry has been writing articles for various magazines for may years now. We will be adding aerticles to this page as we format them for web viewing. Please check back often!

INTERVIEW: Jack Kirk Master Builder of Fine Classical Guitars. Conducted in 1983, this interview appeared in edited form in Soundboard Magazine. Here is a transcript of the tape made that day in June of that halcyon year. Names are named and muths debunked.

Ever break a fingernail prior to a majorly important recital? Here's a a way of patching your hand and your career using stuff you already have in the house. NAILS!

Want to fondly recall life as it was in New York City in 1983? Read this article on guitar in NY.

GUITAR QUEBEC 1983 -- A great conference held by the Guitar Foundation of America. Harry covered the series of master classes held. Read the article he wrote for the Winter 1984 issue of Soundboard.

An old Soundboard article from 1983, this piece discusses college education for guitarists in New York City. READ.

The Wave on a Cool Fall Afternoon A short ghost story

Are You Hard Core? From Plastic Pony Magazine Editorial

Wild Horses From Plastic Pony Magaxine, June 1994 Diatribe on music and memory-jogs

On the Road Again From PlasticPony Magazine, November 1994 Editorial

Excerpt Number One from The Monkey Butt Essays Editorial

Excerpt Number Two from The Monkey Butt Essays Editorial

Excerpt Number Three from The Monkey Butt Essays Editorial

Excerpt Number Four from The Monkey Butt Essays Editorial

The Wake From Plastic Pony Magazine Maudlin piece on a dead guy and a dead motorcycle

Excerpt Number Five from Plastic Pony Magazine Editorial

Daytona 1993 Recount of a road trip to the sunny climes

It Pays to Advertise Editorial

Bias Anyone? The AMA hates outlaw bikers -- enough to, well, shall we say 'make up stories?'

Adirondack Weekend Another road movie...

Music and Motorcylces Bikes and tunes

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